How To Use Private Messenger

A few BaseCamp users have asked for a quick tutorial on using the Private Messenger (PM) features on BaseCamp. Hopefully this will help.

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This article explains how to send a private message to a member and how to view private messages you have received.

How To Private Message A Member

There are several ways to send a private message and start a private conversation with another member

By Searching Members

Click on any of the members links

Then either browse or search members – please note, you need to be friends with the member before you can PM them – if you are not friends with the member you want to PM, then send a friend request first.

Locate the user you wish to message and select the chat icon

The chat box will open at the bottom right hand side of your browser window

Alternatively, you can PM a member from any screen where you see the chat icon, on an individual member’s profile page

How To View Private Messages and Conversations

Whenever you receive a private message, you will see an alert on your profile page and menu bar

Click on the icon to reveal all unread messages and you private message history, then click on the message or conversation you’d like to view

The PM chat box will open in the bottom right corner of your browser window – chat away :-)

To view private messages and conversations in the main window

As above, click on the mail icon, then in the pop-up, click on “view all”

This will take you to the PM page

Select a private message or a conversation to view and it will open in the same window.

Hope his helps.

If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to open a support ticket …