• Workplace Based Mental Health Peer Support Services

    Our programmes can significantly help those at risk of developing Mental Health Issues in the workplace, in both the public and private sectors.

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  • YOUR Recovery Pathways

    An enlightening, strengths-based programme helping you make changes, regain control, be resilient and feel better.

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  • The YOU Programme - Your Options Unlimited

    The YOU Programme is about your empowerment, your recovery, your options

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  • Community Based Peer Support

    The programme, commonly known as the PSP is typically funded by one or more of the following:
    NHS mental health providers, clinical commissioning groups (formerly known as PCTs), local authorities and a variety of departments in public health.

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Impact Mental Health Peer Support is a peer-led social enterprise, experienced in delivering uniquely designed Mental Health Peer Support Services and Training. We help individuals who are experiencing a range of mental health challenges which can affect their mental, physical, social, professional, spiritual and emotional well-being

Our programmes offer innovative ways in which individuals can learn new and sustainable self-support solutions, facilitated by skilled Peer Consultants.

Here at Impact Peer Support, our focus is on working with people to help them find their own bespoke, self-support plan and solutions through exploring key subjects, chosen to enhance and empower an individual’s total wellbeing

We can provide support through individual peer mentoring, occupational support training services for staff, together with work-based Peer Support Sessions, in addition to community based programmes with opportunities to gain nationally recognised accreditation in Peer Mentoring.


I had no idea what to expect before meeting my Mentor. I didn’t think I was mentally unwell but life was getting so hectic and stressful with work, children and my mother’s illness that it had started to affect my health.

I desperately needed to talk with someone not linked to my family and friends but didn’t want to go to a clinical service– That’s when I met Carol, she was terrific! She made every session feel like meeting up with a friend to have coffee and a chat with and without realising it, every time I came away from a session I felt more positive and more hopeful and had a better understanding of what I needed to do to manage my feelings!

Peer Mentee

From the first week I was able to also open up and share my past and present experiences and receive very useful support and insight which I was able to implement immediately. The “open and frank” discussions helped me to feel free to express myself without prejudice, allowing your team to provide me with the most appropriate feedback. Each consecutive week I was able to learn and incorporate new ways and means of improving my mental wellbeing and this in turn has armed me with the knowledge that I have already passed on in supporting others.

A Company EmployeeLuton

“I believe that since attending the Peer Support programme it has given me hope & knowledge for the future & has made me feel less isolated.”

Service User

The YOU Programme

Impact Mental Health Peer Support are delighted to announce The YOU Programme, a project to deliver empowering programmes for four weeks at one day a week, funded by Skills Funding Agency through Central Bedfordshire Council.

The YOU Programme is about your empowerment, your recovery, your options and how to make them work for you.

Using the model of intentional peer support, the Impact team will help you identify well-being challenges, find techniques to overcome pressures and barriers and create plans to improve your health & well-being with a clear focus on your plans for the future.

YOUR Recovery Pathways

Impact Mental Health Peer Support have launched an 8 week YOUR Recovery Pathways programme which is available all across Bedfordshire.

The word “recovery” can mean different things to different people. What we mean by recovery is to use the strengths we have to get better or better manage how we feel.

If you feel you need to make some important changes to have the kind of life you really want, you will learn a huge amount by attending one of our refreshing programmes.

Workplace Mental Health Training

Helping both the public and private sectors to find mental health peer-support solutions for your employees’ health and well-being at work.

The government has highlighted health and well-being at work to be a key priority to improve the mental and physical health of the nation. Employers already have legal duties under the Equality Act 2010 to support employees with mental or physical disabilities and to make adjustments to enable continuous employment.

Free Courses For The Over 50s
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