Individual and Personal Peer Mentoring

Individual and Personal Peer Support Mentoring

Making sense of the pressures and stresses that affect our lives and learning how to manage these in a positive and effective way, can enable us to stay physically and mentally well.

For some, these pressures and responsibilities can feel overwhelming at times, creating symptoms of anxiety, feelings of loneliness, fear of failure and acute distress which can often lead to depression or unhealthy addictions. Being told to ‘pull yourself together’ or ‘just get on with it’ is probably the last thing you need to hear and can deepen the frightening emotion of losing control.


Peer mentoring is like having a good friend and counsellor rolled into one, with the added advantage of their own personal experiences to draw from.  From the moment I first met Deanne, she was warm, caring and made me feel completely at ease. At a very difficult time, peer mentoring helped me to focus on the things that were within my control and not to dwell on the things that weren’t.  The small tasks I found constructive as they helped me to focus but there was never any pressure to get these done…everything at your own pace and complete support anytime, if you needed it.

Thanks Déanne :)

Peer MenteeCentral Bedfordshire

I had no idea what to expect before meeting my Mentor. I didn’t think I was mentally unwell but life was getting so hectic and stressful with work, children and my mother’s illness that it had started to affect my health. I desperately needed to talk with someone not linked to my family and friends but didn’t want to go to a clinical service– That’s when I met Carol, she was terrific! She made every session feel like meeting up with a friend to have coffee and a chat with and without realising it, every time I came away from a session I felt more positive and more hopeful and had  a better understanding of what I needed to do to manage my feelings!

Peer MenteeBedford

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