BaseCamp Update

Basecamp has been online just over a year now and almost 80 users have registered. Being solely for learners who have participated in either or both of Impact YOU and Your Recovery Pathways programmes, it has proved an invaluable and safe online resource for users.

Its familiar social forum style has made it easy to access and use for most, as it follows the norms that people may know from using social platforms. However, the knowledge that it is closed to just fellow learners and that data is not shared, provides a huge degree of security and comfort that is sadly lacking in the most popular social platforms these days.

It has been invaluable in allowing our learners to access course materials like videos and in-depth articles that are used during our courses, so they can be reviewed again and again. Indeed, it also has proved useful for former learners to be reminded of some of the tools, techniques and knowledge they can refresh their experiences with, or try something different to what helped them before. As the courses are being added to all the time, it also means any new ideas and information can passed on to our former students.

Every member of Basecamp can share their own experiences and knowledge with each other or ask for advice from their peers when wobbles occur. It’s also a place to make new friends, private message each other if required, share event ideas or create and join groups on like-minded subjects, such as creativity, healthy lifestyles and even humour!

We will continue to work on Basecamp to develop new areas for learning and support, encouraging our learners to keep in touch with Impact learning, plus their peers, which is such an important part of their recovery journey.

Harry, BaseCamp Admin & Volunteer

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