For everyone’s health and safety, and until further notice, all courses for 2022 will continue to be held online with live video sessions

If there are currently no courses available or none with dates that suit you, please get in touch and we can let you know when the next courses will be available.

Starts May 18th
Mental Health Services Bedfordshire

YOUR Recovery Pathways – May 2022 MHD211001

Impact's 9 week, mental health recovery programme – YOUR Recovery Pathways.

The words “mental health recovery” can mean different things to different people. What we mean by recovery is to use the strengths we have to get better or better manage how we feel.

If you feel you need to make some important changes to have the kind of life you really want, you will learn a huge amount by attending one of our enlightening programmes.

Starts June 7th

Unlock YOU – June 2022 MHD211101

The Unlock YOU Course has been designed to support people who are struggling with the social, motivational, physical and mental impact that Covid-19 and Lockdown has had on their lives.
The course will assist and enable people to learn wellbeing practices, engage with others experiencing similar struggles, build healthy self-support strategies and put into practice new ways of managing distressing, demotivating or negative thoughts and feelings.

Starts July 12th
Mental Health Services

YOU Programme – July 2022 MHD211201

The YOU Programme can be the most important first step to feeling better, improving your mental health and wellbeing and getting your life back on track through supporting education and peer empowerment.