• About Impact Mental Health Peer Support

    We are excited and privileged to take forward the former Charity’s philosophy and values and continue its positive social impact.

Mental Health Courses, Training and Support

Impact Mental Health is a Peer-Led Community Interest Company providing mental health courses, training and support services.

We are experienced in delivering uniquely designed Mental Health Courses Programmes to help individuals experiencing health & well-being challenges to improve their mental, physical, social, professional, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Our programmes provide ways in which individuals can learn how to feel more empowered and get in control of their wellbeing recovery using a variety of tools to change, planning achievable goals and widening their support network with peer support, which can greatly improve the quality of their lives in and out of work. For Employers this can mean a significant reduction in long-term absenteeism due to stress and mental ill health, saving companies thousands of pounds in sick pay.

Learning how to manage stress successfully and implement mental health recovery techniques can increase employee work performance, productivity and improve employee engagement within the company through promoting a culture of well-being.

Our skilled Peer Consultants help you to focus on what recovery and wellbeing solutions work best for you. We do this through exploring fundamental subjects that help to enhance your journey towards total wellbeing.

For more information please see our Programme Details.

Our Charter

Our Vision

For everyone experiencing mental ill health to live a healthy, hopeful and fulfilling life.

Our Mission

To help people help themselves, using empowering Intentional Peer Support and Education.

Core Values and Beliefs

The Impact core values and belief principles are the guide to shape all of the company’s actions; they serve as its cultural cornerstones. Our core values are inherent and sacrosanct and must not be compromised, either for convenience or short-term economic gain. Impact’s core values reflect the values of the company’s founder and are the source of Impact’s distinctiveness.

  • Engage meaningfully
  • Create empowerment not dependency
  • To be authentic
  • Embrace difference
  • Practice mutual respect
  • Support co-productively
  • To be accountable
  • Offer compassion, love & kindness
  • Nurture openness and transparency
  • Clarity of mission
  • Clear direction
  • Integrity and honesty
  • To build healthy communities
  • Practice Humility

Our Beliefs

We believe we are building and strengthening new and existing communities, with education, sharing, peer support and kindness. We are doing this with the non-egoic belief that people experiencing poor mental wellbeing can and do get better through educational empowerment, intentional peer support – delivered in a compassionate way and facilitated by those who offer mutual respect, understanding and peer commonality and the Impact team are expected to practice, develop and demonstrate Impact’s core values and beliefs.

Our Ethos:

Our company’s ethos, strategic philosophy and future direction is moulded to combine the personal strengths, skills, attributes and recovery journeys of our workforce and volunteers with a commitment to providing a professional, meaningful and high quality level of service.

We recognise the importance and practice of Intentional Peer Support, working co-productively for, and with our peers in promoting and educating others in our philosophy and service model of positive peer empowerment.

Déanne Clark – 2018