Community Based Mental Health Peer Support

Community Based Mental Health Peer Support

The YOU Programme is for people with a range of mental ill-health issues and is typically commissioned by one or more of the following:

  • NHS Mental Health Providers
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Local Authorities
  • Public Health departments

The YOU Programme is delivered by people who have experienced, or continue to experience mental ill-health challenges, they are know as peer facilitators. The YOU Programme is delivered in a supportive and relaxed environment, where we can share our personal journeys and express our thoughts using empathy rather than sympathy.

The programme, facilitated by peers, provides an arena for open and frank discussion with learning about different recovery pathways &techniques, self-support and effective health management plans, offering a different perspective to the traditional medical model.

It offers individuals the opportunity to meet new people, make friends and develop new skills – mix this with a large dose of laughter and entertainment and the outcome is amazing!

Importantly, we have a successful track record of delivering empirically measured outcomes; our programmes can be measured using accepted tools such as:

  • GAD7
  • PHQ9
  • WEMWBS questionnaires.

Our Peer Support Services are delivered solely by peers. All of our professionally trained Course Facilitators have themselves had direct experience of Mental Health issues.

We leave behind a working Peer Support Network for the participants of each iteration or our programme and a connection of those individual Peer Support Networks to further Peer Support Networks by location, region and or shared interest whilst our approach uniquely educates and empowers participants with the tools, techniques and background to successfully organise, manage and participate in their own Peer Support Network.

Social Impact

A Social Enterprise has the capability of delivering services to commercial customers at rates that will allow delivery of services to Local Authorities, the NHS and charities and social enterprises at substantially subsidised rates.

Our Social Purpose is to educate and empower those with Mental Health Issues to establish, manage and participate in their own Peer Support Network.

Our Social Impact means that all individuals who are currently experiencing or who are at risk of developing Mental Health Issues benefit from our Peer Support Network Services. This is evidenced by empirically measuring our social impact using pre & post course questionnaires.

Déanne Clark – CEO

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The Programme Covers …

Week 1

Introduction to Intentional Peer Support, sharing personal stories and setting the foundations for the programme.

Empowerment & Inspiration, understanding empowerment through decision making, choice & control, identifying areas for potential change using inspirations & peer support.

Week 2

The Cycle of Change, using our strengths to identify and plan for empowering changes to improve health & well-being and effective management of symptoms.

Recovery, what it means to pro-actively drive a recovery journey and take responsibility through building and developing a recovery tool-box and taking back control.

Week 3

Total Well-being, recognising contributing factors that may affect health & well-being, socially, professionally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

The Journey, using a chosen model of recovery (no one size fits all) start planning, choosing goals, identifying milestones and planning for change using all of the skills from the programme.

Week 4

Our last half-day brings all the learning together through an empowering group re-capping session and with a surprising but great activity!

We finally finish the session by sharing a wealth of information, contact details and suggestions for your continuous wellbeing and future development by signing up to the Impact YOUR Recovery Pathways or venturing on to pastures new!


“I believe that since attending the Peer Support programme it has given me hope & knowledge for the future & has made me feel less isolated.”

Service User

“The course was presented excellently. Ithoroughly enjoyed taking part and learning new techniques in dealing with certain situations.”

Service User

“It has increased my confidence and hope, met loads of lovely peers, increased my motivation to work.”

Service User

“Excellent – it has given me some great tools to use in the wider community. Superb facilitators.”

Service User

“Impact has been soooo good for me. I wasn’t going out of the house before. I have made friends. The facilitators are wonderful, so friendly and supportive. An excellent example of how PSP should be run. It’s given me hope!.”

Service User

“Empowered me to set up a peer support group of my own.”

Service User

I have been seeking help for my mental health for 24 years. I’ve received more support in the past two sessions than in all those years – learning to help myself!

Service User

The programme was uplifting, informative, FUN, confidence building, shame it had to end.

Service User

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have shared and for helping me to understand myself better and to finally see how I can start to change my thinking and really move forward.

Service User