Occupational Mental Health Well-being Training and Support Services

Occupational Mental Health Wellbeing Training and Support Services

We can offer employers four initiatives, all of which promote sustainable support solutions.

Helping you find sustainable solutions for your employees mental health and wellbeing at work.

The government has highlighted health and wellbeing at work to be a key priority to improve the mental and physical health of the nation. Employers already have legal duties under the Equality Act 2010, to support employees with mental or physical disabilities and to make adjustments to enable these employees to continue being employed.

We can do more to …ensure workplaces are healthy and safe, promote the wellbeing… of workers and facilitate a return to work when people develop a health condition or impairment
Improving Health and Work: Changing Lives: HM Government

We know that mental health challenges in the workplace are becoming more and more common. Often, there are external factors such as home life, family, financial and relationships issues; however, these can have an impact on the work environment, causing high absenteeism and low productivity.

Promoting positive health and wellbeing in the workplace benefits everyone. Being at work, feeling part of the team and learning new skills can make working a positive experience, with the right support, encouragement and coping strategies.

Using our experience of mental ill health and the knowledge that we have of the demands and pressures faced by many in the workplace, we are offering our expertise to employers as part of their employee health & wellbeing policy and strategy.

“We want to create a society where the positive links between work and health are recognised by all, where everyone aspires to a healthy and fulfilling working life and where health conditions and disability is not a bar to enjoying the benefits of work”
Improving Health and Work: Changing Lives: HM Government

Operating as a social enterprise, our purpose is to enable, empower and support as many people as a direct result of the services we deliver in the workplace – this means that through supporting your employees with one or more of our services, you will be helping us to develop independent, community based peer-led support groups for unemployed individuals experiencing mental ill health, local to you and your business. Through us your organisation will be making a massive difference to your local communities, helping you to report on your organisations positive corporate social responsibility.

Consequently, not only do you support your employees to stay well at work, increase productivity and reduce absenteeism, the wider impact is that your business will fundamentally help local people feel and stay well which can often ready them for returning to work and live more rewarding and self-sustainable lives.
We call that a ‘Healthy Brainer’!

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From the first week I was able to also open up and share my past and present experiences and receive very useful support and insight which I was able to implement immediately. The “open and frank” discussions helped me to feel free to express myself without prejudice, allowing your team to provide me with the most appropriate feedback. Each consecutive week I was able to learn and incorporate new ways and means of improving my mental wellbeing and this in turn has armed me with the knowledge that I have already passed on in supporting others.


Bedford College was delighted to have Impact join us at our staff conference this year.  Carol and Deanne held lively and open discussions about mental health and shared their personal experiences.  The discussions around peer support helped staff recognise potential mental distress in themselves and in others.  All three sessions were fully booked and received very positive feedback from staff from across all areas of the college.   We look forward to working with Impact again.

Claire IsaacsBedford CollegeBedford College

Occupational Peer Support Mentoring

The Individual Peer Support Mentoring service, holistically complements any medical intervention whereby individuals may be receiving medication and support from GPs, Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) services, or from Community Mental Health Teams.

The service provides Peer Support Mentors to work one-to-one with employees experiencing a significant amount of distress, which may impact on their ability to function well in the work place. The service works to enable them to find the right strategies and coping mechanisms in order to return to work after absenteeism owing to mental ill health related illnesses.

The relationship between employee – known as the mentee, and the mentor operates between six and eight mentoring sessions. The sessions can be held in or outside of the workplace and focus on finding the right recovery techniques, establishing the right sustainable support solutions and addressing key areas impacting on the individuals’ health and wellbeing. In addition to the sessions, employees are able to contact their mentor for additional support by phone or email to gain advice or information when needed, further reducing the need to take time away from work.

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Employee Peer Support Programme (PSP)

The Employee Peer Support Programme is a six-session programme that can be held over three or six weeks, two days and one day a week respectively.

The recommended number of people for each PSP is 12 employees, for smaller organisations, six to eight employees. This programme can really support teams in their understanding of mental health challenges in the work place and provide techniques in how to find achievable ways in which to manage work pressures and personal stresses through adopting peer support. The six sessions cover the following topics:

    • Defining the benefits of work place peer support,
    • Finding empowerment and building confidence,
    • Challenging habits and promoting change,
    • Sustainable Support & Recovery Solutions – Tools for the journey,
    • A rounded approach to physical and mental wellbeing at work,
    • Planning for the future and establishing work based peer support networks.

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Understanding Mental Health & Peer Support for Managers & Executives

Understanding Mental Health & Peer Support for Managers & Executives is a one or two-day training programme and supports managers to recognise the signs and symptoms of mental ill health within their workforce and within themselves.

The training focuses on managers learning the skills and techniques needed to help support those who may be experiencing mental ill health, using peer support and Mental Health First Aid.

Prior to the training days, Impact Peer Support can provide an optional piece of research to look at the nature of your organisation, identify where the possible stresses and breaking points might occur and help ultimately tailor the training to meet the needs of the organisation and the people.

This training programme offers an additional service, providing advice, information, signposting and recommendations for managers to support their teams whilst maintaining their own wellbeing.

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An Interactive, Organisation Health and Wellbeing Event

Impact Peer Support can arrange and deliver an organisational health & wellbeing day, encouraging employee self-awareness of their mental health, promote alternative and holistic methods of self-support, emphasise healthy eating and regular physical activities in partnership with local organisation promoting wellbeing products and services – providing everyone with tasters of what they can do to improve their health & wellbeing both at work and outside of work.

We can also provide demonstrations.

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