A new year has started, and it’s time to prioritise your well-being.

Impact is here to support and share why putting your well-being needs first this year will be your greatest and healthiest decision.

January is packed with our free, live online courses, and open for enrolment. 

We are all set to help enable, empower, and educate every person prioritising their well-being.

Here’s what you can expect from the Impact team this month…

YOUR Choice starting Wednesday 10th January offers a relaxed health and well-being, science-backed informative four-week course. 

This course is suitable for those who have completed one of our shorter courses but can also benefit those who know a little about self-care and well-being activities.

If you would like to chat with Jackie, the course facilitator before registering for this course, feel free to get in touch.

Unlock Menopause starts Tuesday 16th January for three weeks and for the women struggling with this changing time, this course will help to shift mindsets and some of the preconceived expectations, along with plenty of practical information to manage our changing bodies and minds.

Please contact Deanne, the course facilitator, for more information.

Mind Time is a two-evening course starting on Tuesday 30th January. 

This is a course suitable for those time-strapped people happy to learn a great deal about how to better manage unhelpful thoughts and emotions, in a short amount of time and willing to help themselves take the first step. 

This course includes a scheduled one-to-one support session within two weeks of the course ending.

Please contact Deanne or Jackie for more details.

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