A Thank You Note From A Learner

It’s always lovely to get feedback from learners on completing one of our programmes, specially when it has such positive outcomes.

Here’s one that has really made everyone one on the team smile. 😊

Dear Deanne and Jackie,

A short note to share good news and to thank you both for the support during the courses.

The news is, I landed a job overseas, and I am travelling this weekend to take charge.

And I want to thank you both for the learnings and insights from the course, without which it would not have been possible for me to stay focussed and drive forward to what I wanted to achieve. Thank you both very much for your support, understanding and patience throughout. And thanks a ton for the lessons and tools I am equipped with. Btw, the book is travelling with me to the new job 😃  

Please extend my sincere thanks to Harry and Elaine as well. Our course group is meeting every Wednesday on Zoom to continue to support each other, yesterday was the second meet up.

With lots of love and many thanks once again

A Recent Impact Learner
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