Another fantastic and successful Pop-In at the Grove Theatre.

With the first of our guest speakers providing a short presentation before a really useful Q&A session.

Kim and Marilyn, Disability Employment Advisors from the department of Work and Pensions spoke about the work they do and what support is available to people struggling with physical and or mental difficulties.

The Q&A session helped our learners understand their rights, DWP expectations and recognise their own responsibilities when seeking employment or benefit advice whilst struggling with poor mental or physical health.

A great discussion with lots of leaflet information left behind for our learners.

Kim and Marilyn will be sharing their Q&A with Impact later this week and you can catch up with this session right here!

Huge thanks to Kim and Marilyn for their time and for supporting the work we provide.

If you are struggling to receive the support or information you need to find employment or receive the correct guidance, join the conversation below and we will do our best to ensure your questions are answered.

Other Pop-In News from today!

Poem from the Heart

A heart-felt and inspirational poem was given to the Impact team from one of our former learners who attended the YOU Programme and recently completed the nine-week YOUR Recovery Pathways course.

This ‘poetic’ and truly inspirational learner has worked incredibly hard to travel his wellbeing recovery journey and with the encouragement and help from his peer friendships, Impact volunteers and staff, our resident poet is creating an exciting new chapter in the Impact Peer ‘Turnaround’ moments!

For a long time I was lost.

Emptiness. Loneliness. Sadness.

I cried at the top of my voice

But no one heard me…

People called me Crazy, people laughed.

Nothing to live for…

Your rescued me… you showed me a way…

You gave me hope You gave me belief because You believed in me…

You put me on the road to recovery

You showed me I was not crazy!

You gave me a voice.

You showed me a world I have never seen before.

Life is precious.

I want to shout at the top of my voices…

I Love Life and Thank God I am alive.

Community Led Initiatives

A warm welcome to Beverley Copestake SAMAS Coordinator in Bedfordshire (Support, Advice, Mentoring, and Advocacy Service) with friends from Community Led Initiatives (CLI), who turned up today to find out more about our Pop-Ins and for coffee, biscuits and a chat.

Community Led Initiatives was launched by ex-offenders in 2013 with the mission to transform the lives of other ex-offenders through the power of quality peer mentoring. They now support a wide range of people – from families and women to people affected by substance misuse- by building supportive, peer-led recovery communities.

We are looking forward to building the relationship between Impact and CLI in the future.

Pop-In Reminder

Our next Pop-In is on Tuesday 5th June from 11 to 1 PM at the wonderful Grove Theatre Guest Speaker to be confirmed nearer the time

Why not let us know you’re coming – we would hate to run out of cake!

Lastly, an Impact hug of thanks to Impact Volunteers, Jeff, Matt, Jessica & Sammi for all of their support today and we look forward to the rest of our volunteers returning on the 5th!

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