Excited to Unlock YOU!

A brand new mental health wellbeing course for 2021/22

The Impact team are often excited about our work, our research, new science, our courses, our own learning and often life in general!

But now we are REALLY excited, and here’s why…

Let me introduce you to our brand-new programme, available in September 2021, for all previous, current and future learners at Impact…

Say hello to the Impact four-day ‘Unlock YOU’ wellbeing programme.

The Unlock YOU programme organically started to take shape as a possible programme over the last year or so, and specifically because of the often-damaging effects from the necessary restrictions we have all endured as a result of the Coronavirus.

The Impact team have been busy researching and monitoring nationwide mental wellbeing data to capture information about the symptoms and struggles people have and continue to experience around the ‘domino’ effects from living through a global pandemic.

Significantly, from our research, what we understand to be the more recognised areas that people have/are struggling with, such as loneliness, low motivation, fear/anxiety and loss of hope, are those that we at Impact believe to be fundamentally needed to living and managing our mental wellbeing successfully.

That’s why we have pulled together our findings and the many suggestions from the learners we have worked with over the last year (Thank you!) to create a programme that specifically teaches and supports people how to shift from what was to what is now; to adopt new thinking and wellbeing practices in their daily lives and to learn how to rebuild their future hopes and dreams, invest in self-care – all whilst taking back control of their thoughts and emotions.

  • For 2021, the Unlock YOU will be delivered online over four days, FREE to residents of Bedford and Central Bedfordshire who are over 19 years of age.
  • This programme is suitable for anyone who has/is struggling with their ability to manage their mental wellbeing as a result of Coronavirus – in whatever way that is causing you not to live a fulfilling life.
  • More information about the content of the Unlock YOU programme will be available online towards the end of August.
  • Once the Unlock YOU programme is available on the Impact website, learners will be able to register and enrol on our website.
  • We accept referrals from professionals and always welcome self referrals.

I hope you will agree that the Unlock YOU programme is going to be an exciting new journey for Impact, and we very much hope, a useful, motivational and inspiring journey for all those who join us in September.

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