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Hello! It’s been eight weeks of heads down to turn our work around, and I am excited to update you all on how far we have come in a considerably small amount of time.

When Lockdown measures were put in place on 23rd March, the team were in the middle of two YOU Programmes at opposite ends of the county and with unusually large groups, averaging 14 per programme.

Our single priority was to ensure we could complete the programmes for every learner who could meet with us online in the coming weeks. The result? Success!

The team have been relentless in its drive to convert our programme content, resources and delivery methods to meet the new and exciting challenges of teaching online. Moreover, our focus has also been spent on ensuring our learners are able to easily access the new learning platform and to effortlessly save, print, view or read the materials linked to their programmes while following our facilitators via an interactive live video platform.

Has it been easy? It’s been as easy as learning Mandarin! Such is the complicated language of digital I.T. However, we have had the unlimited support, skill and expertise of Rubber Duck Digital, who has gone above and beyond to ready Impact. The Rubber Duck Digital team has quite simply been a game changer for our team to be able to adapt quickly and continue to meet the requirements and support of all those who need our help.

Impact Goodie Bags
Impact Goodie Bags

So, what’s next? Having successfully wrapped up two YOU Programmes, the team is now mid way through our Strengths Based Recovery programme; YOUR Recovery Pathways.

This longer and more intense programme which started on April 29th began with ‘Impact Goodies’ for all of the learners! The ‘goodies’ involved the Pathways to Recovery Manual, an assortment of writing implements, post it notes, highlighters and other stationary items, which we know are much used and appreciated on our face to face programmes.

We wanted to give our current learners, who signed up to the online YOUR Recovery Pathways, every opportunity to enjoy, engage, learn and have fun just as they would in their communities with the Impact team. To ensure that happened, we are delivered Impact Goody Bags before the programme started!

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