To each and every one of you for doing the best you could to get through this year.

To all those who lost loved ones, friends or colleagues and have found the resilience to move forward.

To all Front-Line workers, whether they are NHS staff, supermarket workers or refuse collectors, we recognise your commitment and offer you our heartfelt thanks.

To the Arts, Leisure and Entertainment industries – know that you are needed now more than ever to help bring this country back together – we recognise your importance in the fabric of our vital social connectedness.

To every person and organisation doing what they can to alleviate loneliness, ill health and poverty for those in need.

To the BESS team at Central Bedfordshire Council for their patience and in their commitment to support all of their service providers to continue delivery, online, across this county.

To Phil Evans, Consultant and Director at Rubber Duck Digital, for enabling and supporting Impact to move from classroom-based courses to online in less than one week, and to maintain the quality and effectiveness of our educational programmes.

To the Impact team – who are, quite simply, amazing…

Be kind to yourselves and to others, congratulate yourself for getting through and we’ll see you for a fresh start in 2021

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    Just to say thank you to our impact team, Dianne, Jackie and Harry. For being there for us all on Fridays. EVEN if we can’t make them all. We know you are there. Thank you.


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