World Mental Health Day 2020

World Mental Health Day 2020 – Where Has The Year Gone!

You don’t need to answer that by the way… :-)

Since our amazing celebration for WMHD in October last year, so much has happened to us, to you, our communities and to the world.

Across the planet we have shared in our disbelief of the lives taken because of this pandemic, of the chaos and trauma it has caused and of our mutual fear of a very uncertain future.

Closer to home, we continue to worry for the safety and health of our friends, NHS staff, colleagues and loved ones; our jobs, our children’s education, our parents, grandparents lives and our dreams…

With unprecedented levels of worry, stress, anxiety and fear, the team at Impact has worked harder than ever this year to adapt our courses to live, online delivery, funded by Central Bedfordshire and Bedford Borough Councils.

We have increased access to support and learning to all of our learners with Feel Good Friday Sessions and Impact BaseCamp.

And we fully intend to celebrate World Mental Health Day this year with as many people as possible!

So, as we tentatively move into autumn and winter with changeable government guidance and often distressing daily news, how do we ready ourselves for the shorter days and our beautiful but inclement weather?

Where do we start to piece together the familiar fabric of our lives?

Our online celebration of World Mental Health Day is open to anyone who has attended one of our courses, anyone who is thinking of attending and mental health professionals or referrers who want to meet the Impact team and to find out more about our courses, please feel free to join us on Zoom on Friday October 9th, 2020.

World Mental Health Day with Words & Cake!

Impact will be celebrating WMHD on Friday 9th October, 200, live on Zoom from 11 am to 2 pm.

If you’d like to join us, please let us know by using the registration form at the bottom of this page.

What Do I Need To Bring

The Words

This year we will be celebrating with the power of supporting words, written and given by those who have struggled with their wellbeing, still struggle and those doing their best to get through tough times.

Those who have faced fears, dedicated to help themselves and who are now journeying with us to learn all they can about how to stay well.

Our courageous and lovely Impact learners!

Words of support are being collected and compiled to create a web-Page of Love, Support & Encouragement for anyone struggling with their mental wellbeing.

This page will be accessible to everyone, wherever they might be and to help with whatever they are going through.

Give Us Your Words!!

If you would like to share your words of love, support or encouragement, we would love to have them.

One word, two words or a sentence, whatever works for you, say it from the heart.

Let us know what it is you would have liked to have heard when you were struggling.

Words Without Names

Send your words here. Your name will not be posted with your words.

World Mental Health Day 2020 Words

The CakeWhere would World Mental Health Day be without cake!

World Mental Health Day 2020 - Cake
Bake A Cake For WMHD

Start planning your homemade, shop bought, home delivery – whatever you decide – WMHD cake.

Let’s get together on the 9th and talk support with cake and friends.

Let’s spend two hours giving words of love, support and encouragement to those in need.

Let’s share some time, some fun, some wisdom, and remind ourselves of the joy of being with people, appreciating our journeys and freely giving hope to those who may be ready to take the first step on their journey.

There will also be bite size learning sessions as reminders for our previous learners and to support others in learning how to stay well, particularly in these trying times.

We’ll be awarding “Best Cake”, “Funniest Cake” and other awards on the day

What’s happening on the day?

11.00 – Welcome

11.30 – Introduction

11.45 – Breakout session 1 – All about the YOU Programme – Find out more about the course

12.15 – Why Words for World Mental Health Day?

12.45 – Breakout session 2 – All about YOUR Recovery Pathways

13.00 – Practice for YOU & YOUR time

13 .30 – Show us your Cake!

13.50 – Round up of the day

2.00       End

Register here for World Mental Health Day

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    Looking forward to taking part in this celebration. Meeting lovely kind people and having a good chat. Plus plenty of cake lol


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