A Story Of Success

We love to get keep in touch with our learners and, of course, we love it even more when we know what we do is making a difference.

Here’s a message we received last week from someone who attended the online version of the YOU Programme and The YOUR Recovery Pathways courses.

Please forgive me for not messaging you sooner. It’s just a quick message… a “thank you” more than anything.

Since attending your course at the end of 2019, my life has definitely improved. I think of all the things you taught us, the RAMPS were the greatest help to me. It gave my life a new focus and I began to enjoy things again. Being open and talking about how I’d been feeling was also essential in my moving forward.

I am so thankful that I went on the course when I did… because who knew that this pandemic was just around the corner. Heaven knows where my mental health would be now had I not done the course when I did. So many people will be experiencing some kind of mental health issue, now and in the future because of this.

Anyway, a BIG, BIG thank you for helping me through that very difficult period. Thanks to Jackie and Harry as well, of course. I know you’ll have been helping many more people since I was on my course… so carry on doing your amazing work.

A recent learner
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